864 Fighting Championship was started with the idea of taking care of fighters. 864 wanted to make sure fighters were staying busy in the region and were getting paid properly. 864 also wanted to make sure to keep fighters health in mind and recovery after weight cut. 864 wants to help grow the sport of MMA not just in our region but all over as well. We try to have the best interest of the fighter in mind at all times. We at 864 have a passion for the sport at its athletes.


Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) is a Russian mixed martial arts organization and one of the leading promotions in Europe. To date, most events have been hosted in GroznyRussia.  They have also held events in Poland, Romania, Scotland, Georgia, Netherlands, Belgium, Tajikstan, Austria, France, Belarus, England, and are planning events in South Korea, China and Kazakhstand.


AFL (Ansgar Fighting League) was born in 2013 with a clear objective from the first day: to create high quality mixed martial arts (MMA) events and become a benchmark in this sport.

They have become the leading promoter company of the Iberian Peninsula in mixed martial arts, creating events in several cities of our national territory where wrestlers from more than 20 countries have already competed, where you can find from veterans and young Spanish promises to great international fighters.


Art of War Fighting Championship is one of China's first and most prestigious mixed martial arts organization.


Brazil's Aspera Fighting Championship is managed by their CEO,  Marcelo Brigadeiro. Brazil is a hub for MMA and largely recognized as one of the proving grounds for fighters all around the world. In just over three years, Aspera has promoted over 50 events and continues to grow, featuring some of the top talent in all of Brazil.


BAMMA is committed to showcasing European MMA talent and promoting the sport to a wider audience. BAMMA’s philosophy is to combine high class venues with excellent fight cards alongside quality production values. We want to see the sport of MMA in the UK grow to the size of our US counterparts.


Tamas Veselý and Peter Farkaš are the co-organizer of Cage Fighting Slovakia.  The idea originated at the end of summer 2016. Before that there was no MMA match events in Komárno, so we thought it would be good to organized them! I went to Petrom to sponsor the events in Komárno because there was no sporting event that would fill the sports hall (except for the basketball). We managed to talk to Petrom and in November we made the first gala evening called Cage Fighting Komárno and we filled the sports hall! Approximately approx. 1500 spectators. 


Cage MMA is Finland’s longest running mixed martial arts promotion with their inaugural event taking place in 2004. With 40 events in the books Cage MMA continues to thrive and is recognized as Finland’s premier mixed martial arts promotion. 


Costa Rica’s Calvo Promotions is managed by their CEO, Jorge Calvo.  In three years, they have supplanted themselves as the most important promotion in Central America. They are striving to make  MMA the most watched sporting event in their country, after soccer. 
With their country’s location and good political and economic position, they are poised to become the largest MMA promotion in Latin America, with their champions the most recognized in the area.

Fight Coalition is considered one of the largest MMA events in the north of Brazil, its first edition happened on June 26, 2014 in the city of Belém in Brazil! My passion for MMA began in 1993, watching Royce Gracie's fights on TV. I'm practicing Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu! in 2014 me and my friend Mickley Robertson founded the Fight coalition event. my dream is for the Fight Coalition to become a known event in many countries. 


Combate Americas, LLC. is the first U.S. Hispanic Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports franchise in history, designed to build Latino fighting champions and serve Hispanic fans, one of the world's most avid groups of prize fighting enthusiasts.


Japan's Deep Fighting Championship is managed by their CEO,  Shigeru Saeki. Headquartered in Tokyo, they are Japan's premier MMA organization, having hosted well over 300 events.


Australia’s Eternal MMA is managed by their CEO, Cam O’Neill.  Headquartered in the Gold Coast, they are Australia’s premier combat sports show, currently operating in both Queensland and Western Australia. They are Australia’s most prolific fight show and looking at a minimum of 7 shows in 2017. They operate in luxury venues and have the best matchmaking and most competitive fights in Australia. They aim to be operating in every state in Australia with 12 events annually in 2018.


Fightstar Fighting Championship is Africa’s biggest and fastest growing MMA promotion. Dealing with both Pro and amatuer athletes Fightstar has become the No1 producer of talent on the African continent. With our passion for the sport and the people whom make it work Fightstar will keep on growing on the world stage .


FCC (Full Contact Championship), launched on the 14th of January 2009, and is India's Premier Mixed Martial Arts Fight League where India's top MMA fighters in different weight categories battle it out in the ring to gain supremacy and become champions.


ICE: International Combat Elite is quickly becoming one of the premiere MMA organisations in the UK.
Offering a home for amateur and professional fighters alike, ICE FC consistently puts on amazing fights and is sure that the safety and care of the fighter is put first.
Operated by two former UFC fighters, Tom Blackledge and Aaron Wilkinson make it their mission that the fighters are treated fairly and matched in fights that are worthy of fighters and fans time alike.


IRFA was started on Perry L. D. Segerqvist’s initiative with its first event in Uppsala in kick- and Thai boxing. Now it is Mixed Martial Art in the Octagon. Perry L.D Segerqvist started his carrier in Martial Art 1987 and he has competed for almost 20 years and has organized Martial Art events in Sweden since beginning of -1990


Malaysia’s Jesselton Fight League is promoted by Rayner Kinsiong. It was founded to create a platform in the search for a champion within the local region and has subsequently produced good fighters that are now competing actively in the local and international MMA scene.


Japan's Deep Fighting Championship is managed by their CEO, Shigeru Saeki. Headquartered in Tokyo, their primary focus is on the growth and promotion of female MMA. 


Kunlun Fight is one of the world's highest rising kickboxing and MMA organizations.  With its roots in the middle kingdom, KLF has rapidly reached a global phenomenon, and has incorporated fierce international kickboxing and MMA superstars.


LIMO FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP- LFC, traditional MMA event of the city of Limoeiro do Norte-ce, the event is known as one of the largest in the state of Ceará, Brazil.


Made4TheCage brings out the best in MMA fighters across the whole of the UK. Teaming up with sponsors, associates and other contacts to deliver the most powerful experience for Mixed Martial Arts fans.


Russia’s Modern Fighting Pankration is promoted by their CEO, Dmitry Konkov. They have held over 200 events since their promotion began at the turn of the century. Their primary focus has been developing the Far Eastern regions of Russian Federation and the Republiv of SAKHA Yakutia. They are currently looking to develop expansion plans into Siberia and China.


Czech Republic’s and Slovakia’s young and ambititous MMA promotion was founded by Pavol Neruda, which is now led by him and Ondrej Novotny. From the beginning, their ambition has been to build their MMA promotion based on their fighters’ stories. They are destroying old myths about “blood sport” and focused on showing the world that MMA fighters are unique athletes, deserving of fame and glory. They started their promotion by producing the hit TV reality show “Oktagon Výzva” (Oktagon Challenge). This show is very popular and has attracted thousands of new fans to the sport.


ONE Championship is a celebration of true martial arts and its deep-rooted Asian values of humility, integrity, respect, honor, discipline, courage, and strength. Martial arts has been Asia’s greatest cultural treasure for the last 5,000 years, and is a part of the daily fabric of society across the continent. It is no secret that Asia is home to many of the best martial artists on the planet. Our mission is to unleash real life superheroes who ignite Asia with hope, dreams, inspiration and strength across all segments of society.


PXC, is one of the premier mixed martial arts events company in the Asia-Pacific region, presents Laban MMA, a provincial MMA development league aid at discovering local MMA fighters who have the potential for a successful career in the sport. Laban MMA provides a starting point for fighters on their career path to become an international pro fighter who can compete and succeed on the world stage.


The Professional Fighters League is a Las Vegas-based company promoting professional events in the sport mixed martial arts. The organization is dedicated to fans and fighters to create the ultimate entertainment experience.


Reign is Brisbane based mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion affiliated with Eternal MMA.


Respect Fighting Championship is a mixed martial arts organization in Germany. It has won the GNP Award for the best German promotion in 2009, 2010, and 2011 Especially noteworthy in this context is that RESPECT.FC has beaten the Ultimate Fighting Championship, who was nominated with their first German based event UFC 99. The events are broadcast by, the only HD Fightsport portal in Europe.


The sport of MMA is booming in South Korea, and behind the incredible growth is ROAD FC.  As this new era of Mixed Martial Arts begins, ROAD FC is committed to creating more opportunities for fighters in growth, experience, and support.ROAD FC events are held in major cities across Korea – and soon internationally – featuring the most exciting and well-recognized Korean and international MMA fighters.


Royalty Combat LLC, is a Puerto Rican Company dedicated to the promotion of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events both amateur and professional. Founded in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico in 2014. Our goal is to develop the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in Puerto Rico and create international stars, as well as promoting the best matches that this sport can offer in order to satisfy our fans.


Italy's SLAM FC is an MMA promotion, managed by their CEO, Marco Santi. It has promoted events throughout Italy, where he combines a mixture of nightlife entertainment with combat sports.
They pride themselves on being a true "event" and more than just a fight promotion.


Malaysia’s STAND is a kickboxing promotion, founded by Rayner Kinsiong, and sanctioned under ISKA. It has promoted events throughout Borneo that combine the beauty of nature and sport, with events held on beaches, at resorts, and on secluded islands.
They continue to show tremendous growth due to most of their fighters having strong Muay Thai backgrounds, which easily allowed them to adapt to K1 rules. 


The advent of Triumph Fighting Championship hails the return of top level MMA to Edmonton, bringing fighters from across Canada and around the world.

Triumph Fighting Championship is focused on interacting with fighters and fans with integrity and respect, providing the fans with an experience not yet seen and fighters with a stage to showcase their talents, and build their own brands through us.

Triumph Fighting Championship is an organization led by Dylan Schiewe, and backed by a team of sales, marketing, and business professionals.


Argentina’s Union Latinoamericana de Luchadores de Artes Marciales Profesionales (ULLAMP) currently promoted events under the name Mixed Real World Fighters. It is managed by their President, Martin Gabriel Rodriguez, and their CEO, Marcelo Barreira. They have one of the longest running promotions in the world, having organized events for nearly 20 years in their native Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, and Uruguay. Disciplines go beyond MMA, and also include Sanda, Boxing, and Kickboxing.


UGBMMA is a LICENSEE of WSOF-GC based in the Philippines that gives opportunities to MMA Fighters from all across the globe. UGBMMA was founded by Ferdie Munsayac.

A company formed to provide mixed martial arts events and opportunities for the country's young & upcoming Fighters Globally.  With the PRIMARY GOAL to help the young, poverty stricken but SKILLED MMA Fighters develop their craft so that they would be able to provide a BRIGHTER FUTURE. Our advocacy is "BEATING UP POVERTY“.


United Combat League is a mixed martial arts organization providing fight fans top of the line professional and amateur MMA events in the Chicagoland area.


West Coast Fighting Championships is a mixed martial arts promotion based out of Sacramento California. Primarily featuring the top fighters from the West Coast of the United States. WCFC established in 2012 and has seen some of the the United Sates best fighters compete for the promotion.


World Series of Fighting Global Championship is an independently managed company focused on the WSOF brand outside the United States.  The founders of WSOF Global are also founding partners of one of the largest MMA promotions in the world: World Series of Fighting which is seen in the USA on the NBC Sports Network.


India’s Yoddha Fighting Championship was founded by Jitendra Khare, Vicky Tulsani, Chaitanya Gavali & Susovan Ghosh. They are a grassroot-level league that is working to develop Indian talent with an aim to represent Indian MMA at an international level but hosting Mixed Martial Arts open tournaments where amateur fighters compete alongside elite pro fighters in a regulated environment. They have organized various tournaments across India in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Dimapur (Nagaland), Bhubaneshwar (Orissa) etc. 

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